Escort massage –what to prepare for if you order one?

Escort massage –what to prepare for if you order one?

So, you’re entertaining the idea of ordering an escort massage as a means of getting some erotic action with an added value while being totally comfortable in familiar surroundings? The results may be very rewarding if you do – this procedure has the potential to grant you perfect erotic, physical and mental relief and leave you completely relaxed and absolutely satisfied. What is important, however, is to adhere to some basic rulesto make your experience go as smooth as possible. We’re here to acquaint you with them.

  • Treat it as a therapy, not as a substitute for sex
  • Breathe
  • Maintain a good hygiene
  • Relax
  • And empty yourselves before

Don’t think of your escort massage only in sexual terms

Yes, eroticism is an integral part of this procedure and without a good orgasm it would be just like any regular massage. Its benefits, however, far exceed just the immediate climax. While having the same effects as the standard physiotherapeutic techniques – meaning complete relaxation and relief for tense and blocked muscles and joints – the special attention paid to the erogenous zones may have unexpected outcomes pertaining to your overall wellbeing. Regular rubdowns just do not address that. You might be surprised how a non-judgemental approach to your sexual desire will help alleviate numerous frustrations, tensions, worries and complexes that may have plagued you without you even noticing! A good erotic massage does just that – don’t think of it too one-sidedly.


A good breathing technique does wonders. As the girlstarts to work on your body, it’ll help you to better focus on what’s going on at the moment as well as to postpone your orgasm until the time is ripe. Don’t worry, the masseuse will help you to grasp the basics of correct breathing, but it’s up to you to keep it up until the very end. The results will, however, be spectacular.

Good hygiene is a must!

This should come automatically as part of a basic politeness, however, many people still underestimate this. As most erotic massages cater to the whole body, it is imperative to clean yourself thoroughly beforehand. Avoid all awkwardness by doing this – if you’re too dirty, you may even be refused treatment! Shaving your body is not necessary, but it may help to improve the experience for both of you! You should have a working shower at your place for a final, after-massage wash as well!

Just relax.

This service is there to help you let off some steam. Stop worrying, stop overthinking, just focus on the present moment. This also ties well with the previous point –  concentrating on your breathing is the key. Ensuring the proper setting is also a good way to ease your mind if you’re nervous. Why not try decorating your place before the masseuse arrives – put up some flowers, perhaps light some scented candles if you have them, or play some soothing music, pour a bit of wine as a welcome drink – make an effort.You can be sure the girl will appreciate it as well – and make you feel the appreciation.

Relieve yourselves first – especially if ordering a prostate massage…

We can’t stress this enough. As the massage gets the blood flowing, all the processes in your organism are sped up. You may feel the urge to urinate or defecate if you didn’t do it before – and breaking up the good time because of it is not something you’d welcome. If you ordered a prostate stimulation – a very popular procedure to go with a massage, the relieving yourself advice applies doubly waiting. While being the source of supreme pleasure, prostate massage may also be the source supreme embarrassment. The prostate is stimulated via your anus, and its irritation may trigger bowel movements, resulting in – well, you get the picture. Emptying yourselves beforehand may save you some moments you’d rather forget.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to make your escort experience more worthwhile. But maybe you have other tips and ideas – we’re eager to hear them. Perhaps you’re not a fan of escorts and prefer a direct visit to the given parlour. What are the advantages or disadvantages of each solution? Discuss in the comments below!

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