Information about combination pills

Information about combination pills

Birth control pills are medications that are taken to prevent pregnancy. A woman can use the birth control pill if keep her family small. There are two types of birth control pills singapore one among them is the combination pill.

Let us discuss it in details

The combination pill contains two types of hormones in it that is estrogen and progestin. They are the most commonly used birth control pills. This pill you need to take one pill every day. You can take it at any time of the day there is no need that it should be taken at the same time. But it is advised that you take the pill daily at the same time so that you will remember to take the pill. The combination pills come in three different packs

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  • Twenty-eight-day pack: You take one pill at a day continuously for twenty-eight days. The last pills in this pack do not have hormones in them. The last pills are called reminder pills so that you do not forget to take the pill after twenty-eight days. The hormone-free pill usually given got last seven days generally these pills contain iron or vitamin supplements. Make sure you start the next pack on time without a miss.
  • Twenty-one-day pack: Take one pill daily continuously for twenty-one days and then you need to stop for seven days and after seven days you need to start back the pack again. You can set a reminder that you have to start the pills as there are no hormone-free pills to remind you.
  • Ninety-one-day pack: these combination pills are taken daily once for twelve weeks and then hormone-free pills for one week. In this, you will get your periods only after three months.


Hope you have got the complete information about combination pills.

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