Tantric massage in questions and answers – learn all that you need to know

Tantric massage in questions and answers – learn all that you need to know

Are you interested in tantric massage and its workings, wish to know more, but are a bit hesitant to openly inquire about further details? Don’t worry! The frequently asked questions pertaining to this topic will be concisely answered in this article. Read on if you wish to find out more about

  • Booking your massage
  • Choosing your therapist
  • Preparation
  • Dress code
  • The erotic aspect of this procedure

Do I have to book your tantric massage in advance?

In a lot of cases – you don’t and can walk straight in the salon of your choice. However, you may leave soon and disappointed, since none of the staff may be unavailable at the moment. Therefore, booking in advance is highly recommended. How much in advance? Well, some establishment need little more than 15-30 minutes notice. Generally though, it’s advised to book several hours in advance so that everything can be properly prepared.  If it’s an outcall massage, however, it’salawys better to book a bit more in advance, since the schedule of the masseuses may be a bit packed.

Do I get to choose the girl you like the most?

Well of course. Getting your massage from someone who you don’t really fancy would be rather uncomfortable. Tantra is a highly tactile experience and humans are very tactile creatures. Personal sympathy plays a very big role in your enjoyment of and your emotional response to touching. Therefore it must be up to you (and up to the girl’s availability) to choose who will be your therapist – in tantra especially, since mutual connection is the cornerstone of this procedure.

Is shaving necessary?

Not really. No professional masseuse will be in any way phased by body hair. Unless you’re a Sasquatch, you can go in as you are. Although it’s true that excessive body hair can make the massage more difficult for both of you, it’s really up to what will you opt for.

Should I bring something with me?

Just have enough cash in hand (sometimes cards are not accepted). Otherwise, all that you need is already in there – towels, shower, even a little free snack is quite often provided by the establishment.

What about dress code? Is there something I should be wearing in particular?

It’s not a classical music concert. You’re completely free to wear whatever you like. Just come in in whatever feels the most comfortable to you. The real fun will start when you shed your clothing, which brings us to another point…

Will I be completely naked?

Again, it will be left up to you. Typically, tantra is performed while both you and your therapist are fully nude. Besides the obvious erotic connotation, the nakedness is symbolic – it means openness and honesty that hides nothing. But of course, if it feels comfortable, you may always opt to cover your intimate areas with a towel or sheet! You won’t be forced into anything which would make you uncomfortable. Your tantric experience can be completely “innocent”.

But what if i want it to be sexual? Very sexual

Well, this is up to your conscience and up to what the given parlour will actually offer. Usually, lots of tantric massages, if not most, offer some kind of erotic stimulation, but very rarely does this stimulation exceed the so-called “happy ending”, meaning orgasm, but usually achieved by hand stimulation only. Sure, tantric sex is a big and wildly popular thing. But very few parlours will offer direct intercourse, since it would probably be illegal in most countries. Still, places like that still exist, it that’s what you really desire. But overall, happy ending is really the most you can expect – which is not to say it can’t be insanely pleasurable…

So, are you ready to explore the world of tantra with the newly-gained knowledge? We sure hope so! Hope you have a lot of fun.

How did you first learned of a tantric massage and what piqued your interest in it? Do you view it primarily in terms of sexual relief, or is there something more to it? Would you be comfortable with getting one if you were in a relationship? You can leave us a comment below!

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